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About the Gender-Based Violence Teaching Network

The Gender-Based Violence Teaching Network emerged from the Time to Teach About Gender-Based Violence in Canada research project, led by Dr. Catherine Vanner and Dr. Claudia Mitchell at McGill University.


The objective of this project is to support secondary school teachers and students in Canada to teach and learn about gender-based violence (GBV) issues when using provincial curricula. This website is one of the products emerging from the research project; it responds to calls from teachers for a space that brings together teachers interested in teaching about GBV issues with each other and with relevant resources. We hope you find it useful and invite you to join our community to contribute your own ideas and experiences!

There are a few different ways to use the site. The publicly available Resources section, divided into specific GBV topics, is available to support teachers. The Forum and Teacher-Built Resources pages are only accessible to members of the network. To become a member, sign up here. Read project updates or share your own experience on the Blog (you must be a member to write a blog post). Finally, let us know if you have resources you would like us to share or suggestions for the website on the Contact page.

The project logo and background artwork are created by Dakota Belton Art. Find them on Twitter @DakotaBeltonArt

This website is part of a research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The project has been informed by the input of a project advisory group comprised of representatives of the following organizations: White Ribbon, Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children at Western University, Justice for Indigenous Women, Canadian Teachers' Federation, Canadian Women's Foundation, and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Meet The Team

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Catherine is an Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations at the University of Windsor and the researcher leading the GBV Teaching Network and the corresponding Time to Teach about Gender-Based Violence in Canada research project.

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Claudia is a Distinguished James McGill Professor at McGill University and leader in the Time to Teach About Gender-Based Violence in Canada research project. Her research emphasizes teachers' and young people's activism to challenge gender-based violence using participatory visual methods. 

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Salsabel is a doctoral candidate, teacher educator, and instructor at the University of Windsor. She is also a registered and practicing Ontario Certified Teacher. Her interdisciplinary research is focused in the intersections between teacher education and feminist understandings of gender-based and sexual violence.

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Valerie is an undergraduate student in Forensics and Criminology and an Outstanding Scholars Candidate supporting this project at the University of Windsor.



Allie Holloway

Allie is a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, a Quebec high school teacher, and both a Research Assistant and a teacher participant in the Time to Teach About Gender-Based Violence in Canada research project. 


Yasmeen Shahzadeh

Yasmeen is a Master's student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, and a research assistant supporting this project.

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