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Lesson Plans & Activities
Preventing, Analyzing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence

Moose Hide Campaign Learning Platform for K-12

Key words: Ethical Space, Healing, Gender-Based Violence, Classroom Resources

Advertising and Male Violence - Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

Key words: Body Image, Gender Representation, Gender-Based Violence, Marketing

Gender Violence - GenText Research Group

Key words: Gender-Based Violence

Drawing the Line on Sexual Violence - A Guide for Ontario Educators Grades 9-12

Key words: Consent, Technology, Prevention, Harassment, Power, Human Rights, Stalking, Gender Norms, Sexual Assault

Pledge to End Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit People - Amnesty International

Key words: MMIWG 

Prevent: Educator Resources and Lesson Plans to End Child Sexual Exploitation - White Ribbon

Key words: Child Abuse, Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2020 - White Ribbon

Key words: Gender-Based Violence, Racism, Discrimination, Prevention

Sign this Letter to Help Prevent Gender-Based Violence - Canadian Women's Foundation

Key words: COVID-19, Sexual Assault, Healthy Relationships, Sex Ed, Sexual Health Education, Consent

Steps to Justice: Abuse and Family Violence Workshop - Ontario Justice Education Network

Key words: Prevention, Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls - Youth Against Violence

Key words: Prevention, Youth-Led, Gender-Based Violence, 

Hope for Helen: Stand with Imprisoned Grandmother/Abuse Survivor Helen Naslund - Women Who Choose to Live

Key words: Domestic Violence, Abusive Marriage, Disproportionate Sentence, Incarcerated Women

Improving Gender Equality

Gender Equality Classroom Activities - Open Learn Create

Key words: Gender Stereotyping, Gender Roles

"How Privileged Are You?" - BuzzFeed

Key words: Privilege

The Benefits of Being Male - Lisa Fithian

Key words: Privilege

From Where I Stand: A Gender Equality Project for the Global Goals - He for She

Key words: Gender Equality, Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Trainer's Guide - Youth Do It! 

Key words: Gender Roles, Sexuality, Gender Stereotypes

Teaching About Gender Diversity - Susan W. Woolley & Lee Airton (Eds.)

Key words: Teacher-Tested, Interdisciplinary, Gender, Sex, Inclusion

Toolkits, Guidelines & Fact Sheets
Gender-Based Violence (General)

The Facts about Gender-Based Violence - Canadian Women's Foundation

Key words: Gender-Based Violence

A Future Without Gender-Based Violence: A Toolkit for Service Providers - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

Key words: Gender-Based Violence

Creating Circles: A Handbook for on Art-Making with Young People to Address Gender-Based Violence - McGill University

Key words: Gender-Based Violence, Youth Voices

Our Future Has no Violence Against Women and Girls - Pledge - White Ribbon

Key words: Gender-Based Violence, Prevention

Engaging Men and Boys to Reduce and Prevent Gender-Based Violence - White Ribbon

Key words: Gender-Based Violence, Prevention, Positive Masculinity

Connect with Respect: Preventing Gender-Based Violence in Schools - Classroom Programme for Students in Early Secondary School - UNESCO

Key words: Gender Equality, School-Related Gender-Based Violence, Prevention

Gender-Based Violence - Plan International Canada

Key words: Child Early Forced Marriage, Early or Forced Pregnancy, Sexual Violence, Physical Violence, Emotional or Psychological Violence, Economic Violence, Testimonies

Drawing the Line on Sexual Violence: An E-Learning Module for Secondary Educators - White Ribbon

Key words: Prevention, Professional Development, Student Engagement

Fostering Healthy Relationships and Preventing Sexual Violence: Webinar for Educators - White Ribbon

Key words: Professional Development, Student Engagement


COVID-19 and Gender-Based Violence in Canada: Key Issues and Recommendations - Violence Against Women Learning Network

Key words: Risks, Violence Against Women, Violence Against Children, Pandemic

COVID-19 is Worsening Homelessness and Insecure Housing for Women - Behind the Numbers

Key words: Safe Shelter, Pandemic, Emergency, Domestic Violence

COVID-19 and Ending Violence Against Women and Girls - UN Women

Key words: Prevention, Pandemic, Gender-Based Violence, Economic Impact

Why is the COVID-19 Pandemic Linked to More Gender-Based Violence - Canadian Women's Foundation

Key words: Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, Emotional Abuse, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse

The Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 on Young People: Youth Among those Most Affected by Gender-Based Violence Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic - Catherine Morrison, YWCA

Key words: Poverty, Intimate Partner Violence, Systemic Discrimination, #StopTheShadowPandemic

Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19 - UNDP

Key words: Lockdown, Domestic Violence, Prevention 

COVID-19: Ensure Women's Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights - Council of Europe

Key words: SRHR, Pandemic, Contraception, Abortion, Maternal Health

Toxic Masculinity 

The Difference Between Toxic Masculinity and Being a Man - The Good Men Project

Key words: Toxic Masculinity

Harmful Masculinity and Violence - The American Psychological Association

Key words: Toxic Masculinity, Violence Prevention, Gender Stereotypes, Intimate Partner Violence

Media Education Study Guide: Violence, Manhood and American Culture - Jeremy Earp based on the work of Jackson Katz

Key words: Toxic Masculinity, Media, Gender Stereotypes

How to Promote Healthy Masculinity - White Ribbon

Key words: Positive Masculinity, Gender Stereotypes

It Starts With You - White Ribbon

Key words: Positive Masculinity, Role Models

Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence in the Family - Canadian Council of Muslim Women

Key words: Prevention, Domestic Violence, Positive Masculinity, Patriarchy, Gender Norms, Healthy Relationships, Intervention

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG)

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Key words: MMIWG, Colonial Violence

Their Voices Will Guide Us - Student and Youth Engagement Guide about MMIWG - National Inquiry into MMIWG

Key words: MMIWG, Colonial Violence, Student Engagement

Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence. Launch and Week of Action - Land Body Defense 

Key words: MMIWG, Colonial Violence

Decolonizing the Violence Against Indigenous Women - Beverly Jacobs

Key words: MMIWG, Colonial Violence

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: A Toolkit - Advocates for Youth

Key words: LGBTQ+, Inclusion

10 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Classroom - Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Key words: LGBTQ+, Inclusion

Developing LGBTQ-Inclusive Classroom Resources - GLSEN

Key words: LGBTQ+, Inclusion


Beyond the Basics - Action Canada for Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

Key words: CSE, Sex Ed, Sex Positivity, Sexual Rights, Relationships, Gender

Consent - Teaching Sexual Health

Key words: Consent

All About Consent - Liz Kleinrock, Teach and Transform

Key words: Consent, Elementary

Driver's Ed for the Sexual Superhighway: Navigating Consent - Heather Corinna

Key words: Consent

What is Consent? - The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada 

Key words: Consent

What is Consent? - Love Is Respect

Key words: Consent, Healthy Relationships

What Consent Looks Like - RAINN

Key words: Consent

Consent: What It Is and Why It's Important - Kids Help Phone

Key words: Consent

Consent Castle - Robot Hugs

Key words: Enthusiastic consent, Dialogue

Rape Culture

Manifestations of Victim Blaming and What to Say Instead - Medium

Key words: Victim Blaming, Rape Culture

Rape Culture: The Dangers of Victim Blaming - Choma

Key words: Rape Culture, Victim Blaming

Stop Victim Blaming - Anuradha Dugal

Key words: Victim Blaming, St. Mary's University, Rape Culture

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resources - The Recovery Village

Key words: Prevention, Signs, Getting Help, Abusive Relationships, Substance Abuse

Respectful Relationships Education

Key words: School Culture, Holistic, Prevention, Violence Against Women, Healthy Relationships

Community Resources

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