Research & Reports

Gender-Based Violence (General)

Youth Engagement in Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking: An Exploration of Promising Practices

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault

Healthy Relationships: Preventing Teen Dating Violence - Canadian Women's Foundation 

Key words: Sexual Assault, Teen Violence, Dating Violence, Prevention

More Than Words Project - McGill University

Key words: Gender-Based Violence, Indigenous, Arts

Education about Gender-Based Violence

Education about Gender-Based Violence: Opportunities and Obstacles in the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum - Dr. Catherine Vanner

Key words: Teaching, High School, Critical Pedagogy, ON, Power

Gender-Based Violence in Schools

Sexual and Gender Violence in Education: Transnational, Global, and Local Perspectives - Canadian Woman Studies

Key words: Higher Education, Rape, Power, Stalking, MMIWG, Racism, Trauma, Healing, Rape Culture

Five Points on Gender-Based Violence at Schools in Canada

Key words: Gender-Based Violence at School, Bullying, Sexual Assault, Transphobic Violence

Gender Violence in Schools - Centre for International Education Completed Research Projects

Key words: School-Related Gender-Based Violence, Bullying

Violence on the Land, Violence on Our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence

Key words: MMIWG, Extractive Industries, Indigenous

Victim Blaming in Canada - The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Key words: Victim Blaming

The State of Gender Equality for U.S. Adolescents - Plan International USA and Perry Under

Key words: #MeToo, Intersectionality, Boys, Girls

Behind the Numbers: Ending School Violence and Bullying - UNICEF

Key words: SRGBV

Young Lives: A Longitudinal Study Into Children and Youth Around the World - University of Oxford

Key words: Gender Inequality, Early Marriage, Work, Adolescence

Every Class in Every School: Final Report on the First National Climate Survey on Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia in Canadian Schools - Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

Systemic Racism

The RCMP: Cultural Transformation and Reconciliation - Dr. Anita Harper

Key words: RCMP, Systemic Discrimination, Decolonization

Resource Hubs

Resources on Gender-Based Violence and the COVID-19 Pandemic - Western University

Key words: Self Care, Child Maltreatment, Bystander Intervention, Engaging Men and Boys, Intersectionality, Housing, Homelessness, Immigrants and Refugees, LGBTQ+, Sexual Violence, Technology, Workplace

Gender-Based Violence Resources - United Nations Girls Education Initiative

Key words: SRGBV, School Safety, Bullying, Child Marriage, 

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