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"Consent: It's Simple As Tea" - Thames Valley Police

Key words: Consent

“We Believe: The Best Men Can Be" - Gillette

Key words: Toxic Masculinity

"Sex Education" - John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight

Key words: Sex Education, Consent

"Workplace Harassment "- John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight"

Key words: Sexual assault, Sexual harassment, #MeToo

"Change One Thing: How Our Girls See Themselves" - Dove

Key words: Self-esteem

"Purl" - Pixar

Key words: Toxic Masculinity

"Cycling Through Consent" - Western University

Key words: Consent, Sexual Violence, Prevention

"Men of Quality" - Toronto Maple Leafs and White Ribbon

Key words: Positive Masculinity, Gender Equality, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Ally

"Boys Don't Cry" - White Ribbon

Key words: Gender Stereotypes, Toxic Masculinity

"Sex Ed for LGBTQ Youth" - Nadine Thornhill

Key words: Inclusion, Sexual Health

The Bystander Moment - The Media Education Foundation ft. Jackson Katz

Key words: Rape Culture, Positive Masculinity

Consent-Based Approaches to Sexual Violence Prevention Series - Julie Lalonde & OPHEA

Co-Op Boss Scenario

Aunt Scenario

Community Member Scenario

Novels and Short Stories


The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

Key words: Relationships, Sexuality, Sexual Abuse

"20 LGBTQ+ Books for Teens Coming Out in 2020" - Dan Clarendon

Key words: LGBTQ+, Literature

The Pixel Project Selection: 16 Books About Violence Against Women - The Pixel Project

Key words: Rape Culture, Sexism, Misogyny

Will I See - David A. Robertson

Key words: MMIWG, MMIW, Graphic Novel

Turtle Island Reads Teacher Guides - CBC Montreal

Key words: MMIWG, MMIW, Will I See


The Case for Starting Sex Education in Kindergarten - Saskia de Melker, PBS Newshour

Key words: #CSE, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Sex Ed

Why Pleasure and Consent Go Hand in Hand - Farrah Khan, Refinery 29

Key words: Consent, Sex Ed, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, CSE, Gender Norms, LGBTQ+

"Teaching High School Students about Sexual Assault Through Literature" - NPR

Key words: Sexual Assault

"I thought he was dead": CBC Survey Reveals 4/10 Boys Are Physically Assaulted at School - CBC

Key words: Sexual Assault, Men Experience GBV

“I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life” - Katie Way

Key words: #MeToo, Consent

“The Controversy Around’s Aziz Ansari Story Explained” - Caroline Framke

Key words: #MeToo, Consent

"Red Dress Window Art Project Brings MMIWG Awareness from the Classroom to the Masses" - CBC

Key words: MMIWG

"Toxic Masculinity Is Bad for Everyone: Why Teachers Must Disrupt Gender Norms Every Day" - Colleen Clemens

Key words: Toxic Masculinity, Gender Norms

"Boys Can Be Confident in Their Gentle Selves if Men Pave the Way" - Humberto Carolo

Key words: Positive Masculinity, Gender Norms 

"Violence Against Indigenous Women During COVID-19 Sparks Calls for MMIWG Plan" - Teresa Wright

Key words: MMIWG, Pandemic, Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence

"Brockville Mourns a Beautiful Soul Lost to Domestic Violence" - Julie Ireton

Key words: Intimate Partner Violence, Femicide, COVID-19

"The Legacy of Rethaeh Parsons" - Elizabeth Chiu

Key words: Rape, Cyberbullying, Bullying, Trauma

Sex Trafficking

"Schools Inconsistent in Teaching Students About Sex Trafficking in Canada" - Janice Dickson

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Education, Forced Prostitution, Awareness

"How a Sex-Trafficking Survivor is Now Helping Others to Break Free" - Globe and Mail

Key words: Karly Church, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Awareness, Education

"‘It’s happening in plain sight’: Shining a Light on the Horrors of Human Trafficking" - Robert Cribb

Key words: Rhonelle Bruder, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Awareness

"How Canada's Sex Traffickers Evade Capture and Isolate Victims to Prevent their Escape - Janice Dickson

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution

"Sex Trafficking is a Game Where the 'Romeo Pimps' Always Win, and That Has to End" - Julia Drydyk

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution

"Ontario Government Announces Programs to Curb Sex Trafficking and Educate Youth" - Osobe Waberi

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Ontario, Education

"Ontario Tables Legislation Aimed at Ending Human Trafficking" - Janice Dickson

Key words: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Ontario

Sexual Violence in the Canadian Armed Forces

"Former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour to review sexual harassment, misconduct in the military" - Kristy Kirkup & Janice Dickinson

Key words: Independent Review, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, Department of National Defence, 

"Military recorded more than 500 sexual assault reports during five-year effort to stamp out misconduct" - Murray Brewster 

Key words: Operation Honour, Canadian Military, Canadian Armed Forces, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Reporting

"Sexual Misconduct, Abuse of Power, Adultery and Secrecy: What I Witnessed in Canada's Military" - Karyne Gélinas

Key words: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Rape Culture, Operation Honour, LGBTQ2+ Discrimination, 

"MPs Hear Harrowing Account of Sexual Assault in the Military" - Murray Brewster

Key words: House of Commons, Testimony, Rape, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Reporting, Military Police


White Ribbon 

Canadian Women's Foundation

Justice for Indigenous Women

Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children - Western University

Moose Hide Campaign

Native Women's Association of Canada

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Centre - Status of Women Canada

No More

The REDress Project

Teaching Tolerance

The Good Men Project


Draw the Line

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